According to eMarketer, people are going to whip out their phones instead of their wallets more and more over the next few years. With triple-digit-percent increases projected every year between now and 2016, this has the makings of a sea change in customer behavior. Here are three points to act on so you’ll be ready for the mobile explosion:

  1. People who pay with mobile will expect transactional communications to follow the device.  Receipts, of course, but also coupons and other offers. Now is the time to start making sure coupons work over mobile devices as well as they do in print. Also, work on migrating your email creative to responsive design that works just as well in mobile as it does on the bigger screens.
  2. Loyalty program communications will follow quickly. Your loyalty program should already have it’s own mobile app, or at the very least a tab within your brand’s larger app. Make sure your customers can sign up for your loyalty program and check balances, past orders, and any other relevant details within the app. Also, if your app doesn’t already include on-deck messaging capabilities, it’s time to add them. That way, you’ll be able to push messages to your customers even when they’re not in the app itself.
  3. Re-think text messaging. While it probably isn’t appropriate for your daily communication to people, it might be appropriate for geo-specific messaging or for sending links to view feature set information, etc. Start the process of capturing opt-ins now, so that you have something to work with down the line.

The change in how we pay for the stuff we buy is exciting on a number of levels. Make sure your marketing keeps up with your customers’ behaviors.