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Quick Hits

Welcome Program – The first impression is the most important, and that includes the initial period when a customer is new to a brand. Clients wishing to revise or implement a welcome program for new or renewing customers understand that special communications should be sent to encourage the lift in response and conversion to continue long after the “new” has worn off the relationship. Welcome programs are designed not as cookie-cutter approaches based on vague best practices, but as thoughtfully crafted messages based on customer demographics and information needs specific to the new relationship.

Winback/Reactivation Strategy – Starts with 2 key questions for clients to ask their internal analytics teams to determine percent and quality of active vs inactive customers within the database. The resulting strategy will define the reactivation communications flows, identify best practices for message and timing, and identify appropriate customer segments for messaging. Past clients have seen up to a 129% increase in revenue over prior reactivation efforts after implementing this strategy.

Lead Nurture Strategy – Specific to B2B communications, a lead nurture strategy would examine client-provided data on where leads are originating, and then identify the best strategy to apply to each segment of leads in order to maximize wins. Strategy components include lead-qualification scoring and integrated multi-channel communication recommendations. For best results, sales leadership should be involved in the consulting engagement.

Selected Strategic Offerings

RFP Process Management – Clients wishing to identify a new Email Service Provider or Marketing Automation Vendor need to ask the right questions to find the right partner – but how do you know what the right questions are? This consulting engagement puts at your fingertips years of experience running successful RFPs for Fortune 100 clients, with and without procurement group involvement.

CRM Communications Plan – Starting with specific client goals and based on an analysis of the existing and desired customer base, the communications plan crosses all channels (direct mail, tele, email, mobile, and social) to demonstrate how the brand can best communicate with customers across addressable media touchpoints.

Loyalty/Engagement Program Strategy – Developing a loyalty program starts with an assessment of core customer profiles, brand values, and the unique selling proposition the brand brings to its customers. That analysis provides context for a loyalty/engagement program strategy with recommendations for how to best leverage brand assets and what complementary services the brand might want to consider offering customers based on existing capabilities. Note that launch or ongoing communications planning would be separate from program strategy.