Hero Image from the Pottery Barn email inviting subscribers to sign up for text messages
Hero image from the PBKids Email, “Sign Up for Text Messages”

Just when I had nearly given up on SMS marketing, here’s an invite from Pottery Barn Kids to join their program. It’s especially interesting because PBK targets the ever-popular and ever-busy mom demographic.

Of course I signed up. I did it online just to see what extras they’d ask me to provide, and of course they asked for full name, email and zip as well. No surprise there – and a smart move as it allows them to link my mobile behavior to my online behavior. Perhaps offline too, since I’m sure my email is linked to my postal address through an order or two.

My one gripe – minor – is that they required me to input my phone number with a “1” in front of it. No one in the US (the only geo where this appears to be available) associates a “1” with a US phone number anymore. And without dashes to break up the numbers, it wasn’t easy to understand that the number format required the “1”.

But overall, a nice effort. Looks like iLoopMobile is the backend for PBK mobile initiatives. I got my confirmation text immediately. And the welcome text set my expectations well – up to 2 messages a week, and a link to change my preferences. The only thing better would be to have a coupon in hand as well.

Can anyone from Pottery Barn or iLoopMobile let me know if the mobile messaging is expected to extend across the PB brands? Or is it just for kids for now?