Kevin Hillstrom over at Mine that Data blog often has great suggestions for marketers. While he focuses on catalogers, his posts are often relevant to a broader audience. That’s the case with his post “Triggers: Website Visits“. His suggested analysis is spot-on for any site that sells product or services with a reasonably short purchase cycle, and can be adjusted for longer purchase cycles or for sites that focus on content distribution (in that case, think of  shares/retweets as the “purchase” – or pick a metric more meaningful to your business).

The smart move is in his “anticipated strategy” section. It’s not always about having your ads follow people around the web through behavioral targeting. The conversation can move from your site to any other channel for which you have an opt-in. So think about whether a phone call, a piece of mail, or an email might make sense as a next step to entice ultra-recent website visitors to transact with you.

If they’re visiting your site, you have something relevant to say. The next step is figuring out what that might be. A flexible triggered marketing program can do that.