“If something doesn’t go quite right with a customer transaction, use it as an opportunity to show what you are really made of.”

We tend to think of Social CRM as either influencer or data marketing. In truth, the quote above (along with Chris Griffiths “Globe and Mail” article that LoyaltyOne kindly tweeted earlier today) is a good reminder of how much more we can be doing with social CRM.

Customer complaints are delivered through many channels. The more open companies are about resolving those complaints – yes, even in very public channels – the more kudos they can get for customer care. And for many businesses, the care given a customer can easily persuade prospects to choose you instead of your care-less competitor. People know things go wrong. They often feel more comfortable working with companies that they perceive as able to step up when stuff happens and make it better.

Positive resolutions of issues your customers have brought to you can be a powerful marketing message. When a complaint comes to you through a public channel, do your best to resolve it there so your prospects get the message: you know how to listen and respond.